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I am Woman, Hear Me Roar.

October 19, 2012

Sometimes I think I live in a bubble – a content but inspired bubble. I have this notion that I can do anything I want to do. Granted, the things I desire to do with this life are good in nature, not reckless or hurtful to others or myself. My goals are to always better myself and others, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and experience the joys and beauty of this world while I am here. I want peace, kindness and respect from those around me, and I want others to expect and get that from me (Did I just write a Mission Statement?). It’s pretty simple, actually, and I 100% believe I can do and have all that, because I am empowered as a child of God and a sentient being with free will, who also, lives in ‘MERICA!!!

With the presidential race going on there have been recent developments regarding women’s rights. I didn’t even know this was still a concern, but it’s probably my little bubble shielding me from all the unfairness toward women in our society. I’m being completely honest – in my world I am 100% equal with my male counterparts, and I’ve never been aware of being treated as less than such – not in my career, my relationships, my family, or out and about. It’s possible I am just ignorant – most likely in the career arena if what all the hoopla is about is actually true. Maybe I’m being paid tens of thousands of dollars less than my male peers at work with less experience. Maybe if Romney wins the election, that will be the case for even longer. I don’t know, and I don’t personally care. I have a great job, where I enjoy what I do, work with fantastic people, I am thankful for it every day, and I am paid enough to live comfortably in today’s society.

Now I’m not terribly political – I actually hate politics and the campaigns. I don’t believe anything that comes out of anyone’s mouths anymore. I don’t think our government in it’s current state (no matter which party is in power in which department) is actually capable of being really productive and turning the economy around or providing healthcare for everyone or accomplishing world peace. Maybe I’m jaded, maybe I’m too complacent. I think it’s far too big and far too sold out to really serve the people effectively. But, when I hear people getting so bent out of shape over stupid and horribly out of context statements like “You didn’t build that” and “My job is not to worry about [the 47%]” and “I have binders full of women,” I want to to tell the haters to stop whining and trying to change your neighbor’s political views, and just go do something to make this world a better place. I didn’t hear the first two statements when they came out and caused a ruckus, but I did hear the “binders” one and as a woman, there was not one thing there that was offensive to me, except probably that the question was even asked.

In my little Girl Power Bubble I like to imagine that what if everyone stopped looking at what everyone else was doing or not doing, and asked the simple questions: What can I do with my life? What isn’t going well that I need to find a better way? What am I passionate about that I should do more of? Who has a problem that I can fix for them? What if we all got off our bums, and instead of watching the talking heads inaccurately cover the latest campaign drama, we went for a walk to improve our health or read some non-fiction or learn a new skill. What if we took groceries over to a friend who was jobless? What if we took the time to map out the plan of what could make our dreams a reality? What if [gasp] instead of giving our money to some politician’s campaign, we donated it to a charity we believe in? The list is endless of the productive things we could be doing with our time instead of moaning about soundbites and campaign speeches and how the next president is going to suck everyone’s life or money away. We, as women, as men, as humans here in the United State of America – we have the power and abilities to change this country for the better. If we sit and wait for someone else to do it for us, we will never be satisfied.

Disclaimer: I’m not advocating ignorance or not showing up to vote. Do your best to learn what is real and what isn’t, and vote for the people that best represent your values for all leadership positions. But don’t put your faith and hopes and dreams for your life and others’ in those people and their promises, and please don’t waste away our short time on this Earth fretting about it. Go do something good…pay it all that you can be…ask not what your country can do for you…be the wind beneath someone’s wings…carpe diem…git ‘er done. Okay I’ll stop now. Signed, Polyanna.

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  1. Deborah permalink
    November 5, 2012 2:19 am

    You make me giggle!

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